• Where would I like to die ?

  • Who would I like to have around me ?

  • What kind of a funeral would I like ?

There is no right or wrong time to use our services, either late stage or early stage transition are both common. We often work with people from point of diagnosis when they are still feeling quite well, but know they might not live as long as had hoped. Often they may be feeling confused, angry, regretful or fearful. A whole range of emotions can be exhibited. Sometimes it can be very difficult to talk to family and friends about their hopes and fears, no matter how close and loving the relationship.

Working with people early in the journey helps us to build trust and enables us to plan for the type of death they would want. We help provide information, helping them to make choices. This can be very empowering for them. Often we will make an end of life plan together and involve family and friends if desired – the objective is to create a flexible map for the foreseeable future.

We often hear people regretting certain actions or inactions they or their family could have taken part in had they thought about it early enough. This is where some of our knowledge and experience can help. We may suggest helping them create memories for their families and friends such as recipe books, family albums, favourite jokes, anecdotes, songs, poetry, family history or simply record them reading out loud from a favourite book.
No two people are the same and it’s important that this life plan and it’s contents are both personal and tailored to an individual’s own desires.

Above all, we are there to support as time moves on and are often called to be present as the final hour approach. Again, this is something we would discuss with you. On some occasions the request has been for just close family to be present. 

It’s all about choice, this is your life, it is your closure too
  • Creating a heart-soul connection

  • Workout a Soul Midwife plan

  • "Who am I"

  • Creating memories

    • Recipe books

    • Stories for grandchildren

    • Writing goodbye letters

    • Photo albums

    • Video recordings

  • Deep listening

  • Co-create death plan

  • Introducing different therapies

  • Creating a safe place

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